Symposium on Challenges and experiences in designing for an ageing society. Reflecting on concepts of age(ing) and communication practices

Practice- and user-oriented design approaches, e.g., user centred design (UCD) or participatory design (PD), have built a canon for IT projects aiming at product development for the ageing society. However, there still seem to be many blind spots, which are simply overlooked or taken-for-granted when reflecting on IT design projects from either a bird’s eye or micro perspective. This symposium is devoted to creating a space for reflections on projects from both perspectives in two separate tracks.

The symposium consists of two tracks:

Track A: Images of age and ageing from a meta-perspective

Track A addresses the discussion and reflection of images of age and ageing from a meta-perspective. The focus will be set on the social construction of concepts of ageing, and how these are being framed in (taken-for-granted) theories of age and ageing, from deficit- to activity-oriented stances.

Track B: Communication practices in UCD and PD projects

Track B focuses on communication practices in UCD and PD projects. The main goal is to discuss and reflect upon notions, best practices, and recommendations for successful communication (within the design team, as well as with end-users and other stakeholders) to better address user requirements throughout the development process.

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